The Troublemakers

troubleIn The Troublemakers, three unlikely friends—Doris, a sassy eighty year old; Georgia, a mother recently divorced by her cradle-robbing ex-husband; and Abby, a senior in high school—meet during chemotherapy. When Doris is attacked by a thief and uses the skills she learned in self-defense to take him down, she proposes a preposterous idea during one of their monthly brunches: they should become superheroes. The other women laugh at first, but when their lives take turns they weren’t expecting, they both agree to Doris’s offer. The women take on local crime one fumbling rescue after another, as well as find romance, but just when The Troublemakers finally figure everything out, tragedy strikes. Will the group of women be able to conquer their enemies, both inside and out?

Black Rose
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Praise for The Troublemakers

“Kapow! Jacobson drop kicks the chick-lit cancer sob-novel with The Troublemakers, a feisty, funny celebration of friendship and grown-up girl power.” – Carrie Russell, Author of Drowning Cactus 

“Kelly has an amazing talent for weaving deep emotion and humor in a way that makes the characters jump off the page and come to life. The Troublemakers and all their antics are certain to say with the reader long after the story has ended.” – Marci Boudreaux, Author of the Stonehill Romance Series

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