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Dreamweaver Road, A Young Adult Novel

I am excited to announce that I just signed a publishing contract for my new young adult novel “Dreamweaver Road.”  The novella should be available to order in time for the holidays.  The story is a fiction story about a sixteen year girl named Zoey with magical powers.  She does not know the extend of her abilities or how she got them.  Her best friend is kidnapped by a wizard named Danger and she starts a quest to find him. On the way she meets Angela, a witch who can see the future through dream.  The story includes Zoey’s sidekick,  a cat named Mother Shipton; Will, a man who claims to be immortal; and Red, a dragon with a grudge.  Zoey’s friends help her discover the rest of her powers, as well as the forgotten past that earned her such a dangerous enemy.

While I have had many poems and short stories published, this is the first of my novels to be published.  You can check my website to see updates for Dreamweaver Road.