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About the “On Place” Series

In honor of my first poetry collection, I Have Conversations with You in My Dreams, in which most of the poems engage with place in some way, I have asked other writers, authors, and poets to compose blog posts about the effects of place on their own work. To enter a contest for a free copy of the book, please leave a comment on any of the blog posts below. One winner will be selected at the end of February and one at the end of March. If the winner already has the book, he or she may select a different book from my collection.

The schedule of visiting bloggers is:

January 25

On Place: Miriam Vaswani

February 8

On Place: Constance Renfrow

February 15

On Place: Emily Pinkerton

February 22

On Place: Marlena Chertock

February 29

On Place: Jacquelyn Bengfort

March 7

On Place: Katherine Young

March 14

On Place: Madeline Dyer

March 21

On Place: Cameron Gearen

March 28

On Place: Rachel Cupelo

April 1

On Place: J. D. Smith

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