“Ode to Dried Paint on the Kitchen Table” – Mothers Always Write  – November 2020

“On Other Birds”Bourgeon – July 2016

“Writer’s Block” – Bourgeon – May 2016

“What was it like?”Beltway Poetry Quarterly – April 2016

River in the Sky” (poem), Blueline Literary Magazine, Spring 2016

“Separation” and “Femme Avec Parasol Dans Un Jardin” –  Glitterwolf Magazine: Issue Seven, January 2015 (Print)

“Winter in Washington” (poem), District Lines, January 2016

“I have conversations with you in my dreams” – September 2014 Published in Adanna Literary Journal (Print)

“Call Her Home” – April 2014 Published in Time of Singing (Print)

“Robots On The Horizon” – February 2014 Published in Literati Quarterly

“A Long Day’s Work” – October 2013 Published in The Blotter (Print)

“Loray” – August 2013     Published in The Blue Hour

“Lansdale Longing” and “Salsa” – August 2013  Published in Poetry Pacific

“Rhubarb Pie” – June 2013 Published in Promptly, Page 5

Four Poems:     London/Trastevere/On the Arno/Piazzale Michelangelo
Published in Coldnoon Travel Poetics – Quarterly Travelogy March 2013

Timestamp – February 2013  Published in Outside In Literary Travel Magazine

Lancaster – A Poem – October 2012   Published in Outside In Literary Travel Magazine

“Destination” – Fall 2010 – Wooden Teeth Magazine, George Washington University  (Print)

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