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Kelly 2012

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…………  Review of “Uncharted Territory”:

     One of my faves:   I think my favorite article was Kelly Jacobson‘s “Uncharted Territory” post about her trip to the concert with her father. It was one of the first I ever read on the site and really set the tone for the quality and style of what to expect from future stories. It’s well written, universally approachable, and probes the weird world of interacting with our parents as 20-somethings.                      Oliver Gray, Editor – online magazine four part storySeptember 3, 2012 Part 1 “Dating A Man Many Years Older Than Me” Part 2 “Our Relationship Progressed Slowly” Part 3 “More Occurrences of Putting His Priorities Before Mine” Part 4  The Hardest Dating Recovery I Have Ever Been Through”