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Unrequited is out!!

Better CoverThe Unrequited anthology is OUT TODAY on Amazon! It will be available for Prime shipping once the processing time goes through (probably about 2 days), but in the meantime, add it to your cart :). It’s also available via the createspace eStore.

I am SO PROUD of this beautiful book, which is filled with 76 amazing love poems by such talented poets. Putting it together was such an honor!

The Unrequited launch will take place on Friday, June 17 at 7:00 PM! Check out the facebook event page here.

Here’s what people have said about Unrequited:

This anthology is itself an inanimate object springing to life through poems that titillate and caress. –Karen Paul Holmes, author of Untying the Knot

If you think love poems are trite, filled with clichés or have nothing new to say, then you haven’t been reading the right odes about the exquisite pain of heartbreak. –Jen Karetnick, author of American Sentencing

The theme of this collection has been a long time coming. Kelly Jacobson has brought together a myriad of poems which speak to the comfort and possession that bring the human spirit both pleasure and perplexity. –wren thompson-wynn, poet

The forbidden and funny reside next to lawn gnomes and lightning, as these poets gather to give tribute to the ordinary and extraordinary objects of their affection. This love may not be returned, but it is certainly rewarded. –Mandy L. Rose, poet


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About the “On Place” Series

In honor of my first poetry collection, I Have Conversations with You in My Dreams, in which most of the poems engage with place in some way, I have asked other writers, authors, and poets to compose blog posts about the effects of place on their own work. To enter a contest for a free copy of the book, please leave a comment on any of the blog posts below. One winner will be selected at the end of February and one at the end of March. If the winner already has the book, he or she may select a different book from my collection.

The schedule of visiting bloggers is:

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On Place: Marlena Chertock

February 29

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March 7

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March 14

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March 21

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March 28

On Place: Rachel Cupelo

April 1

On Place: J. D. Smith

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