Atlas and Mary Read: Pirates and Thieves

“On the day of his parent’s heist, Atlas Rollins knew little about money or the claws it had latched into his parents.” Atlas and Mary Read: Pirates and Thieves begins when Atlas and Mary’s parents abandon them after a bank heist gone wrong; Atlas grows up a foster child and thief, and his sister, Mary, tracks him down more than ten years later using a string of anonymous steals. In Part I, she offers him a tempting proposition: come with her to Cancun, where she knows a couple keeping a million dollars in their safe, and have the journey of a lifetime. But Atlas could have never imagined what he actually finds in the Cancun beach house that night.

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Part One: Chapter One

Part One: Chapter Two

Part One: Chapter Three

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Part Two: Chapter One

Part Two: Chapter Two

Part Two: Chapter Three

Part Two: Chapter Four

Part Two: Chapter Five

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Atlas and Mary Read