Answers I’ll Accept


1461432_220188504818928_1125374420_nAnswers I’ll Accept: True Accounts of Online Dating is a book of personal essays about online dating edited by published author Kelly Ann  Jacobson. Including both the strange and the beautiful–a Halloween warehouse party, a German soul mate, a date who does cocaine, a drunken offering to Yemanja, and of course, a lot of weddings–Answers I’ll Accept has a story for everyone.

Authors: Brandi Dawn Henderson, Diana Smith Bolton, Melanie Lynn Griffin, Ellen Appleby, Gabrielle Lee, Faye Rivkin, Jessica Barksdale, Frances Carden, Melani Robinson, Jean Kim, Samantha Solomon, Jason Shand, Margot Bigg, Jason S., and Erin P.T. Canning


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 Praise for Answers I’ll Accept

“In an anthology featuring 17 men and women writing about their online dating experiences, it would be simple to fall into a space where gushing and bashing replaces introspection and emotions. Yet, Answers I’ll Accept never takes shortcuts when exploring the world of internet love. The writing is as complicated as the stories being told, with plots and story structures as quirky and unique as the feelings being expressed. The anthology is an unexpected surprise—kind of like finding the love of your life on a computer screen.” – Ayren Jackson-Cannady, freelance lifestyle writer and editor

“Although Jacobson was inspired to write about online dating because of her success story in that arena, Answers I’ll Accept is hardly an eHarmony ad. The voices of the collection are diverse and honest, recounting experiences from Match, OKCupid, Craigslist, eHarmony, JDate, AOL chatrooms, emails and listservs–and sometimes, all of the above. These dispatches from the front lines of online dating are gritty and good-humored, with both heartbreak and happy endings only a few clicks away.” – Melody Wilson, Melody & Words

“I met my husband after many rounds of dutiful Internet dating, and I certainly picked up a few stories in the process. This collection brings together some outstanding (and sometimes harrowing) tales by a diverse group of writers. Those who have traveled the land of Internet dating will find themselves in these pages, and those contemplating a visit should consider Answers I’ll Accept required reading for the trip.” – Lynsey MacMillan, Internet dating advocate

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